Sanjeev Khagram

“Pioneer When Others Retreat”: Why Digital Learning Can Be Powerful (Interview)

What if digital learning was not a compromise, but a chance to achieve even more? Dr Sanjeev Khagram shares a radical vision for transforming higher education and vocational learning. He is the Director-General and Dean of the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University. Dr Khagram explains why educators have reason to be excited about digital learning, and what they need to do to make the most of it.
Susanne Mull

At Home in This Place

Describing her studio, Mull says, “It’s a little bit similar to Adolph Menzel’s Balcony Room.” The 1845 German painting readily evokes the artist’s serene, sun-filled space with tall ceilings and French doors opening to a balcony. Mull’s home—a top-heavy 19th-century building with a Mansard roof—keeps her connected to the past. So, too, does the region of Rheinhessen in which she lives. This area was a stomping ground for the German Romantics...
Natasha Bonnevalle

After Covid-19: How to Rebuild Learning and Development (Interview)

How can L&D leaders emerge stronger from this crisis? In a series of interviews focused on recovery, MERIT invites experts to share their viewpoints and advice. Natasha Bonnevalle, partner, THNK School of Creative Leadership, discusses how to create learning programmes that achieve more with less and how to manage difficult emotions. The challenges for L&D leaders are formidable, she says, but there are ways to meet them with grace and purpose.
Domenico Zindato

Vision Quest: The Art of Domenico Zindato

In 1988, Domenico Zindato was looking for a place where he could fit in. West Berlin offered such a place. The walled-in city was the global capital of drifters, dropouts, and avant-garde visionaries: a haven where “with very little, you could find what you were looking for and do whatever you liked.” Zindato felt “immediately accepted.” He got involved in the city’s nightlife, making sets and decor for parties. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, semi-legal raves took over vacated buildings...
Jonas Denil

BMW Guggenheim Lab greeted with hostility, but sent off with gratitude

The BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin may have had a difficult start, but in retrospect, the project was a fruitful one. “I am very happy that it did take place,” Matthias Köhne, mayor of the Berlin borough of Pankow, told the news agency dapd on Friday. After the proposal for the Lab was met with hostility in the popular but socially deprived Kreuzberg neighborhood in June, the future of the project remained uncertain. Köhne, a politician from the Social Democratic Party, supported its relocation to his borough. “The people from New York were a bit afraid after that... At first it was a big struggle, a big effort to make sure that the Lab stays in Berlin,” Köhne told dapd.

Мъже в черно: Татуистът Емил и картините му с игла и мастило

Понеделник сутрин е, 10 часа. В студиото е още тъмно, вратата е заключена. Но Емо е вътре - чисти и слуша техно. На вратата се появяват първите клиенти, двойка поуплашени млади хора. Решили са всеки да си татуира името на другия: Яница и Пабло, отзад на врата. Яница си признава, че умира от страх.
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