Hi, I'm Ani.

I'm a freelance writer with a focus on art, culture, and education. 

After falling in love with Sofia, Bulgaria's culture scene in the 2000s, I completed master's degrees in art history at the University of Oxford and at Columbia University in New York, all on full scholarships. For three years, I taught Columbia students to experience and write about architecture. I presented my academic work at half a dozen international conferences, including at Harvard and at Humboldt University in Berlin.

All this while, I have been doing what I love: writing for a popular audience on topics that fascinate me. I've honed my craft via internships at dapd, a news agency in Berlin; the German edition of Frieze; and Columbia University Press, where I worked for a fiction editor. I get the most satisfaction out of completing a piece of writing and putting it out there for others to enjoy.

Learn more about me on my LinkedIn page, or use the contact form form to send me projects and ideas.